Protecting Firefighters from AFFF Exposure

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) is a vital firefighting agent, but its usage has been associated with an increased risk of cancer among firefighters. Additionally, exposure to smoke and other toxic substances poses significant health hazards to firefighters. It is during the firefighting operations and equipment cleanup that firefighters are most susceptible to contamination.

At Werma, we recognize the urgency of addressing these risks and providing comprehensive solutions to safeguard firefighter health.

Download documents highlighting the importance of implementing preventive measures in fire stations:

Document 1: The Impact of AFFF and Smoke Exposure on Firefighter Health
Document 2: Guidelines for AFFF Handling, Smoke Mitigation, and Equipment Cleanup

HM200 Fire Hose Washing Machine

Our standard machine and the model we have sold the most over the years. A powerful unit with different levels of additional features. The machine has an excellent flow and work environment – only one heavy lift is necessary when the ready-washed hose shall be removed.


Technical Data

12 hoses are handled per hour, depending on hose dimension and test pressure time.

19-110 mm hose (110 mm optional)

Test pressure up to 18 bars

Full recycling and filtration of test water

Washes with both high pressure and brushes

Single or double winds

Machine dimensions 2300x3500x1800 (WxDxH)

Hose Washer and Facepiece Washer Information

Revolutionize Firefighter Training with Our Fire Simulators

Take firefighter training to the next level with our cutting-edge fire simulators. Designed and approved by the EU market standards, our fire simulators offer realistic scenarios and interactive modules for comprehensive training. We offer a wide range of simulators, including those based on the SAAB GRIPHIN used by the South African Air Force (SAAF).

With our modular system, you can customize your simulator setup to meet your department’s specific needs. Start building your complete simulator today for compliance and effective training.

Airport Simulator Information