Helen Buys

(Director )


Meet Helen Buys, a stalwart with 29 years of invaluable experience in aviation. As the driving force behind AM Risk and Training, she has elevated the company to unprecedented levels of success, alongside her husband, making it a true family endeavor.

Helen's journey in aviation is marked by her unwavering commitment to excellence and safety. Her leadership has not only shaped the industry's standards but has also inspired a culture of collaboration and empowerment within her team.

With Helen at the helm, AM Risk and Training isn't just a business; it's a testament to passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Join us as we continue to soar to new heights under her visionary guidance.

+27 61 586 5048 

Prof. Andre Nel


Introducing the Visionary Founder: Prof. Andre Nel

Meet Prof. Andre Nel, the visionary behind AM Risk and Training. With decades of invaluable experience in aviation, Prof. Nel's leadership has been instrumental in shaping our company's success.

As a revered figure in the aviation community, Prof. Nel's insights continue to inspire us. His vision for AM Risk and Training embodies a legacy of excellence and innovation, driving us to push the boundaries of aviation risk management and training.

Join us in honoring Prof. Andre Nel, whose passion and foresight continue to guide us towards new horizons.

+27 60 528 3137

Marius Buys 


Introducing the Visionary Co-Founder: Marius Buys

Meet Marius Buys, the co-founder and driving force behind AM Risk and Training since its inception. Alongside Prof. Andre Nel, Marius has been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory from day one.

With his unwavering dedication and leadership, Marius has steered AM Risk and Training towards unparalleled success in the aviation industry. His commitment to excellence and innovation has been the cornerstone of our company's growth and reputation.

As a visionary leader, Marius continues to inspire us to reach new heights and set new standards in aviation risk management and training. Join us in honoring Marius Buys, whose passion and determination have been the driving force behind our journey of success.


+27 74 335 9435

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Kenneth Wasmuth

( Training Director )

Introducing Kenneth Wasmuth: A Leader in Aviation Safety and Training

Meet Kenneth Wasmuth, a veteran of over four decades in aviation safety and training. Starting as an Aviation Fire Fighter in 1977, Kenneth's passion for training led him to various roles, including at the Fire Training School and in procurement for Air Force Bases.

With experience at Wonderboom and Lanseria airports, Kenneth joined AAFSA in 2007 and later served as Training Manager at Lanseria. Since 2019, he has been the Training Director at AM Risk and Training, ensuring top-tier training for the aviation industry. 

+27 62 524 6124 

Aaron Buys 

( ARFF Specialist )

Introducing Aaron Buys: Expert in Aviation ARFF and Thermal Scanning

Meet Aaron Buys, a prodigy in aviation with a lifetime devoted to the industry. From an early age, Aaron has been immersed in aviation, honing his skills under the guidance of his parents, Helen and Marius Buys.

Aaron has established himself as a specialist in Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF). His expertise extends to thermal scanning, offering invaluable services to companies seeking enhanced safety measures.

Aaron's dedication and passion for aviation safety make him an invaluable asset to the industry. As he continues to carve his path, Aaron remains committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and excellence in aviation.

+27 61 538 0243

Mark Swarts

( Rockstar ) 

Introducing Mark: Aviation Expert and Mentor

Meet Mark, a distinguished figure in the aviation sector renowned for his multifaceted expertise. With a background as both a pilot and air traffic controller (ATC), Mark brings a unique perspective to aviation consultation.

As a seasoned trainer, Mark shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring aviators, shaping the next generation of aviation professionals. His reputation as a trusted mentor and advisor is well-established in the industry.

With Mark by your side, you'll benefit from his comprehensive understanding of aviation operations, training methodologies, and ATC protocols. Whether you're seeking guidance as a pilot, insights into aviation operations, or training solutions, Mark is here to help you navigate the skies with confidence.

+27 82 878 0875


Kathleen Buys 

( Import / Exports )

Introducing Kathleen Buys: Your Import-Export Partner

Meet Kathleen Buys, our import-export expert with a proven track record of facilitating seamless transactions for businesses like yours. With years of experience and a keen understanding of international trade, Kathleen simplifies the complexities of import-export operations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

From handling documentation to optimizing logistics, Kathleen ensures that your shipments move efficiently and reliably across borders. Her dedication to excellence and attention to detail make her a valuable asset to our team and to your business.

When you partner with Kathleen Buys, you can trust that your import-export needs are in capable hands. Let Kathleen streamline your global transactions and propel your business towards greater success.

+27 79 552 8960


Dirk De Wall 

( DHCT - CEO )

Introducing Dirk De Waal: Leading Innovation in Hazard Control

Meet Dirk De Waal, the visionary CEO behind Diza Hazard Control Technologies (PTY) LTD. Dirk's pioneering work focuses on the groundbreaking F-500 (EA) product, the sole NFPA 18A approved foam replacement capable of encapsulating hazardous materials.

Under Dirk's leadership, Diza Hazard Control Technologies is revolutionizing hazard control with cutting-edge solutions. Join us as we redefine safety standards with Dirk De Waal at the helm.

+27 82 332 8733


( CEO - Rwanda )

Introducing JB SEMINIGA: Leading Fire and Disaster Management Expert

Meet JB SEMINIGA, the driving force behind AM RISK's operations in Rwanda. With decades of experience in fire and disaster management, JB SEMINIGA is dedicated to providing top-tier safety solutions tailored to your needs. Connect with JB SEMINIGA and the AM RISK team today to address all your fire-related challenges effectively.

+250 788 333 955

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Introducing Our AI-Powered Ziegler Sales Consultant

Meet our AI-driven Ziegler Sales Consultant—your virtual expert in fire equipment procurement. From trucks to accessories, it offers personalized recommendations, saving you time and ensuring informed decisions. Experience the future of purchasing Ziegler fire equipment today.

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Unlock expert advice on all ACI products and services with our AI-driven Marius ACI Africa Consultant. From aviation fire simulators to comprehensive solutions, Marius is here to provide tailored recommendations to meet your needs. Experience the convenience of accessing ACI expertise at your fingertips—book your consultation today!

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Meet our AI-driven Aaron ARFF Specialist—a virtual fire expert with a focus on Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) and NFPA standards. Whether you need advice on ARFF equipment or guidance on fire safety protocols, Aaron is your go-to consultant. Experience the convenience of accessing specialized expertise—book your consultation today!

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Experience innovation like never before with our AI-driven Pronal Consultant. From flexible storage solutions to inflatable lifting bags, Pronal offers state-of-the-art products designed to meet your unique needs. Let our virtual consultant guide you through a world of possibilities—discover Pronal today and elevate your operations to new heights.

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Meet our AI-driven Linda Responder Wipes Consultant—a virtual expert in emergency response hygiene solutions. Linda specializes in providing guidance on effective cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure the safety of first responders. Experience the convenience of accessing expert advice—schedule a consultation with Linda today and elevate your emergency response practices.

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Unlock the future of workplace safety with our AI-driven BHuman Consultant. BHuman specializes in innovative solutions for health and safety, offering real-time insights and recommendations to enhance your organization's well-being. Experience the power of AI-driven technology—connect with our BHuman Consultant today and transform your workplace into a safer environment for all.

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NOTE: NB - AM Risk and Training is situated in a NKP, and Original ID's or Drivers Licence or Passport is to be produced and cannot be expired.  You will not be allow into the premises if you do not produce an original document at the sign-in by security (Alpha Gate Security Point).