ARFF – E-Learning

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting For Municipal And Rural Firefighters

This one-day course offers training for municipal and rural firefighters in the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to perform basic aircraft rescue firefighting if called to respond to an aircraft emergency.

The program consists of theoretical and practical components. The theory instruction will be presented by certified ARFF instructors and will cover:

  • Response procedures, hazards, positioning apparatus
  • Full turnout gear and SCBA
  • Fire control
  • Rescue operations
  • Fire extinguishment
  • Interior firefighting
  • Overhaul
  • Introduction to Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting vehicles

The session will primarily focus on developing hands-on skills by responding to multiple live fire scenarios using both large and small aircraft mock-ups. During these evolutions, participants will practice:

  • positioning apparatus
  • conducting exterior and interior search and rescue
  • handline operations
  • fire-ground communications
  • extinguishing wheel, APU, three-dimensional, and engine fires

In teams, each firefighter will be instructed and have the opportunity to practice fighting aircraft-related fires, such as engine, wheel, cockpit, galley, cabin and cargo fires. Participants will use structural pumpers as their primary suppression vehicle but will also have the opportunity to trial specialized aircraft rescue firefighting suppression vehicles.